This is a section of common questions that we have been fielding since word of the GreatMartyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy got out.

We will no doubt be adding to it very shortly. Do check back!


The curriculum is entirely online.

The only residential component is for men who will be advancing in Holy Orders, as they will need personally guided study and mentoring, as well as much hands on training to follow our regimen of formation.

Yes. The Academy programs are designed at a challenging post-secondary, undergraduate level. If you are a high school graduate, have a high school diploma or equivalent, you are eligible to enroll in the Academy programs. 

Since a GED is a high school diploma equivalent, you are eligible to apply and take classes. The most important criteria is the willingness and ability to do well in Orthodox theological studies. Get in touch with the dean, and follow through on any requests or documentation. Soon, you’ll be enrolled and registered, and studying alongside everyone else.

Of course! We encourage everyone to enroll. If you are wanting to have a role in instructing others well in the Orthodox faith, sharing the faith with family or friends, teaching Sunday school, leading Bible studies at your local parish, geting active in local ministry, or just learning more and go deeper in your own faith, then the Academy Diploma program is for you. 


Yes. Thank you for your service, and the sacrifices you made to serve and protect others. The Academy offers to all military personnel –  active duty, reservist, or veteran – a significant discount for both the Diploma program and for individual courses. You can read more about it on our Tuition & Fees page.

In order to take advantage of this discount, you must indicate your interest before the semester begins, and supply the Academy with the appropriate paperwork. Contact the Dean for more information. Again, thanks for serving. We look forward to serving you.

Yes, but acceptance is on a case by case basis.

The mission of the Academy is to provide a challenging foundational education in Orthodox theology to members of the canonical Orthodox Church (usually referred to as the Eastern Orthodox Church). That means, members of the Orthodox Church who are currently members in good standing.

If a non-Orthodox Christian, or a member of a non-canonical Orthodox group or church (that is, one not in communion with the worldwide Orthodox Church) wishes to take courses at the Academy, their case must be submitted with a letter explaining the reason for wishing to be admitted, the relationship they have with the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians, and the purpose of seeking an education in Orthodox Theology. The decision of the Board will be final. 

No. This course, and all the programs offered by the Academy are traditional, thoroughly patristic, and focused on transmitting the Orthodox theological tradition in its fullness to those who will themselves be teaching it at different levels. The “theology of modern day fathers” or “post-patristic theology” is just a misnomer for heterodox (false) teachings and leads to an eastern rite protestantism. We simply don’t tolerate it.