With our first year complete, we can happily say that our inaugural year was a success! We had students from every walk of life; men and women, young and seniors, laymen and clergy, future monastics and future clergy! We want to thank you all for making our first year a rousing success! Sure, there were challenges (like waiting for your poor instructor (me) to get up to speed on the technology – thanks for your kindness, your patience, and your good humor.

All in all, we are preparing for a dynamite second year. Here are some things you’ll be able to look forward to in the coming year’s semesters:

  • More merchandise from our bookstore – many of you have requested more items with the GMEOTA logo and we will oblige you!
  • Courses in Orthodox Theology, Bio-Ethics and Moral Theology, Liturgics, and a very positive and unique course on Pastoral Praxis and building up healthy communities;
  • A smoother registration process (!);
  • More specific guidance from your instructors if you are aspiring to Holy Orders;
  • And more!

We are looking forward to inaugurating the second year’s courses in our program, and preparing YOU for the bright future which awaits you in service to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Remember, there is so much work to do, so much! but we do not need numbers. We need men and women who are willing to give their lives to preach, teach, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and spread God’s love to every tiny corner of their communities.

Interested? Apply NOW!