A West Coast Theological Academy

Until now, theological studies in the U.S. have been heavily concentrated on the East Coast, but no more. Our Academy is based on the West Coast, and available everywhere there is Internet. In our first year, we had students in 20 countries, and on every continent (except Antarctica – but we are working on that!). Providing foundational Orthodox theological, Biblical, historical, and pastoral studies to the world is our vision.

Traditional & Modern!

We endeavor to provide education and formation of Orthodox theological studies in a traditional way for traditional formation. At the same time, to utilize the latest technology to expand the reach of our work, and the spreading of the Gospel to anywhere and everywhere it can be accessed. No longer limited by location, our work and ministry is world-wide. Hence our slogan “Conservative in Proclamation, Contemporary in Propagation”.

Connections with World Orthodoxy

Learn from men who have learned the Orthodox way from Jerusalem, to Alaska, to Greece, and Mt. Athos – and take advantage of their knowledge and experience first hand. Each has more than a decade (some several decades) of live, parish pastoral experience. We know the reality of parish life, and the special dynamic it requires to be a preacher, teacher, and healer in the parish context, whether in a rural parish in Alaska, inner city missions, suburban churches, new start-ups, established parishes, or even monasteries!